A sustainable future is important to us all – and so we work to conserve natural resources, avoid putting stress on our environment, and take social responsibility. If we want to reach the objectives set out in the Paris Climate Agreement and the European Green Deal, it is simply essential that we see a transformation in the construction and real estate sector towards carbon-neutral systems and closed loops. We want to play our part in this. Our overarching goal is to design, plan and operate buildings in such a way that they remain economically, ecologically and socio-culturally sustainable throughout their entire lifecycle.



We build sustainability optimisation into all our buildings right from the design stage and continue to work with you on this aspect as the building progresses to completion until the end of its life cyle. Thus we cover the whole lifecycle of buildings.

We have been involved for many years in actively developing certification systems for sustainable buildings, which has helped us to meet the requirements for resource-friendly planning and building construction. These define our specific fields of action. We also have a long-term focus on directly implementing the requirements of global sustainability initiatives such as the European Green Deal and the Green Building Initiative.

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Sustainability is very important to us here at pde, so we integrate it into our construction schemes as soon as we begin on the design.

We work closely with you to develop innovative mechanical & electrical engineering systems that can play their part in implementing sustainability aspects. Our sustainability teams cover a variety of different activities.

For example, we optimise projects reviewing designs together with our planning teams regarding their sustainability performance and develop alternative approaches for clients and investors. Another of our fields of expertise involves the structural calculations and preparations for the relevant certification. Carbon management, lifecycle assessments and sustainability assessments based on the EU taxonomy are further core components of our sustainable planning process.


Our sustainability teams cover a variety of different activities for new and existing buildings:

  • Pre-assessments & feasibility studies
  • Carrying out and optimising audits
  • Sustainability guidance during planning and construction
  • Dynamic simulations
  • Climate-change adaptation strategies
  • Carbon management
  • Managing green building schemes
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