Building planning of the future

Sustainable integrated building planning for new and existing buildings

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New EU Buildings Directive in force from 2023

We have summarised all the important information for you in this slideshow.

EU decarbonisation target for 2050

Environmental crisis: Heat waves, storms, floods

Climate change demands a transformation of the construction and real estate industry. Otherwise it will not be possible to achieve the Paris Agreement.

Future-proof building planning

Climate-friendly energy consumption and the economical use of resources are criteria that define sustainable buildings. Especially in terms of their economic efficiency and future value retention.

Better property price performance

If sustainability criteria are not applied during the planning stage, your properties may lose value or become less profitable in the future.
Our promise

We develop holistic, future-proof properties and help you meet the EU climate targets in good time.

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Environmental risk icon: whirlwind and house

Environmental risks

Climate change calls for buildings that are climate-resilient and well-suited to their surroundings.
Climate protection icon: Cloud with CO2

Climate protection

Building operations must be net zero by 2050 at the latest, according to EU requirements.
Icon circular economy: circuit with leaves

Circular economy

Use of construction materials in the environmental cycle: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Ecological building icon: Smiling emoji over house

Environmental construction

Low-emission construction materials for the wellbeing of residents and staff.
Icon value preservation: Euro sign over building

Value retention

Future-proof planning can increase a building’s useful life and residual value and even the value of the raw materials.
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Building projects that are planned and implemented in harmony with their environment and surroundings.
How we work

We provide all services from a single source.

We optimise the sustainability performance of buildings over a building’s entire life cycle. Our integrated approach allows us to optimally meet the requirements for resource-efficient buildings: From design and planning through to construction and refurbishment to operations.

We have the necessary expertise and know-how to ensure the planning of your building project is optimized for the future.

Building certification

Building certification

  • LEED
  • DGNB
  • ÖGNI
  • klimaaktiv

Climate protection roadmap

Climate protection roadmap

  • Reduce CO2 of portfolio properties
  • Building operations



  • Life-cycle assessments
  • Life-cycle costs
  • • Suitability for circular economy
  • Recycling concepts
  • Building Passports

Risk assessments

Risk assessments

  • EU Taxonomy compliance
  • Climate risk analysis
  • CO2 reporting
  • Adapting to climate change

Building simulations

Building simulations

  • Thermal simulations
  • Daylight simulations with future data



  • Action plan for EU targets
  • Decarbonisation path
Our projects

Reference for pde’s sustainable planning

Find out about our sustainable building projects that have already been realised.
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Siemens TC HEP
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BMW Munich Freimann
[Translate to English:] Visualisierung A-Tower - Ansicht Otto Braun Straße
Alexander Berlin's Capital Tower


Madaster Logo

says about us:

Ecological, social and economic sustainability are not contradictory, but complement each other. We are grateful for the valuable Kennedy partnership with pde, which is already a pioneer here for real estate of the future, also on the topic of circular economy.

Werner Weingraber (CEO Madaster Austria)



says about us:

pde is a competent partner and has supported the ÖGNI since the very beginning. Be it in further developing the certification system, through your technical expertise in working groups, or the building certification of sustainable showcase projects. We would like to thank you for this and look forward to many more years of good cooperation.

Florian Wehrberger (Department Head ÖGNI Zertifizierung)


says about us:

pde is an innovative planning company that continuously works on the further development of solutions that are in harmony with nature. pde finds answers to complex challenges that not only offer users maximum comfort, but also provide economic benefits to all stakeholders throughout the entire life cycle.

Michaela Gebetsroither

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