LEAN Management

Collaboration as equals, a shared understanding of the construction and planning process, full transparency... sound good? That’s what LEAN Management is all about. In a nutshell, LEAN Management means applying LEAN techniques to every stage of the process, from planning with LEAN Design to execution with LEAN Construction – and ultimately, it means added value. Work steps are unambiguously determined and analysed in advance, so that we can optimise resources and scheduling for your project.


We use target value design to take the long view of your specified objectives, and we run training sessions and workshops to teach our project teams about all our LEAN methods and how to put them into practice. That means you can confidently rely on our experience and expertise. We use LEAN techniques for integrated project management, including all participants in a flat hierarchy, collaborating towards one shared goal: the success of your project.

Areas of application

Effective planning with LEAN Design

Efficient construction sites with LEAN Construction

LEAN Thinking

Continuous improvement is at the heart of LEAN Management

LEAN Management is all about stripping out unnecessary weight and slimming down processes. In other words: avoiding waste. This is achieved through integrated project management. When we increase transparency and actively communicate at and between all levels, it becomes easy to identify unnecessary process steps, so that in future they can be optimised or even eliminated altogether.

At pde, we have integrated LEAN principles into our very DNA: we are transforming LEAN thinking into a comprehensive LEAN culture for all our interactions, keeping continuous improvement at the centre and anchoring LEAN thinking into every project we are involved with.

 Team is working on the LEAN weekly planning