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Preßgut retirement home

Our health is our greatest asset. For World Health Day 2024, we are therefore presenting a very special project. The construction of the Preßgut retirement home in Styria.

Our Sustainability department supported this project from the start of construction to the opening. Among other things, simulations of visual and thermal comfort and various quality measurements were carried out. As a result, the care home was awarded the klimaaktiv certificate and the optimal well-being of the residents was ensured.

One of these measurements concerned indoor air pollution, for example, which produced pleasing results thanks to the strict selection of environmentally friendly and low-pollutant building products.

The success of this concept proves it right. That is why it was also implemented in similar projects last year - for example in Pischelsdorf, Ardning and Gralla. Together, we are setting standards for a healthy future.

View of the house in Preßguts