Integrated planning spans the journey from planning through construction to operation of a building. It requires interdisciplinary collaboration between all our specialist planning sections: architecture, mechanical & electrical engineering (M&E), structural engineering, construction planning, fire protection, and so on – right through to construction supervision. Maintaining this integrated, “big picture” view enables us to take a holistic approach to the various planning stages and make the best decisions for the project as a whole. That way, we achieve our planning goals effectively, on time and within budget.


Our approach has the added benefit of reducing economic risks and ensuring cost certainty regarding the implementation of your construction scheme.

How do we achieve this? The key building blocks of our approach are the digital BIM data model that we use for cost estimation and planning, combined with teamwork based on LEAN Design methods. We have successfully established BIM and LEAN as standard working methods for our planning projects. pde is your one-stop shop for all the services involved in planning your construction scheme.

Our planning disciplines

Architecture you can build on

Mechanical and electrical engineering with BIM

Structural engineering

Fire protection: professional schemes and advice

Construction preparation – for a well organised construction site

Professional construction supervision

Above and beyond general planning

Flexible and adaptable = successful projects

We offer a wide range of services and can handle all elements of construction planning. Our particular speciality for general planning projects is building construction, with residential, industrial and office construction as our core areas. As your general planner we take responsibility for the whole planning chain. If you prefer, we also offer advice for selected elements of each execution stage (in accordance with the schedule of fees for architects and engineers, or HOAI) and help you optimise existing building plans. Our expert teams will be happy to take on the specialist planning for individual technical sections – perhaps architecture, M&E planning or the structural engineering for civil engineering projects.

Another important element of any project is fire protection – this should always be incorporated right from the beginning. We compile cost estimates based on actual market conditions to ensure that our schemes are economically feasible. Our expert construction preparation team ensures a smooth transition from the planning stage to the construction site. We can also offer you professional support during the execution stage, in the form of our construction supervision services. Your project and requirements will always be our first priority.


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