Building certification

Building certification systems are an important component of sustainable construction. They provide acknowledged methods and procedures for minimising use of resources or harmful emissions in accordance with the usability of the building. A certification provides visible, quantifiable evidence of the quality of a building. We take our responsibility towards sustainability very seriously. That’s why we plan in accordance with acknowledged construction guidelines and are proactively involved in helping to shape leading building certification systems.




The German Green Building Association e.V. (GGBA) selected us as one of five companies responsible for porting the American LEED certification system to German-speaking countries. We were one of the primary developers for the ÖGNI’s 2017 core system (ÖGNI = Austrian Sustainable Building Council) for offices, hotels, residential buildings, production and logistics facilities. We were also responsible for adapting the internationally leading BREEAM New Construction system for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Building construction certification
Sustainable building certifications, such as DGNB, ÖGNI, LEED

Quality criteria covered in the consultation

  • Sustainability strategies
  • Energy efficiency
  • Renewable and fluctuating energy sources
  • Lifecycle costs
  • Demographics and usability
  • Construction product management and pollutant monitoring
  • Responsible sourcing
  • Energy and comfort simulations
  • Building operation
  • Competences include consultation and auditing by recognised sustainability certification bodies for the construction sector
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