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Es werden in erster Linie Inhalte, die die pde Integrale Planung GmbH betreffen, publiziert.

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pde Integrale Planung GmbH

PORR Design & Engineering Deutschland GmbH
DI Torsten Haubold
Thomas Eberl
MSc ETH Arch Christian Maeder

Downloads - Terms of Use

Materials available in the download section may freely be used for editorial reporting purposes, exclusively with regard to the projects and topics of PORR. Please cite the copyright holder. All other usage except for the purposes mentioned above is permitted only with the express written consent of PORR Design & Engineering. The user indemnifies and releases PORR from any possible claims which may be brought against PORR as a result of any usage of this material outside of these specifications.  Publication of this material must include clear citation of the original source, as specified in the visual/video information, in such a way as to permit clear attribution to the published image or video.

Gender-Specific Terminology (gender stipulation)

We value gender equality highly, and we endeavour to represent this in all our texts. However, in the interests of improved readability, in certain places we have refrained from the simultaneous use of feminine and masculine job titles and pronouns. However even in these instances, both genders are referred to and addressed equally.

Image Credits

Staff photo Ch. Maeder (About Us): PORR /
Staff photo S. El Rass (About Us): PORR / Falk Weiß
Other staff photos (About Us): PORR / Astrid Knie
Visualisation of Alexander Tower: Stephen Weber, Finest Images
Visualisation (2) "actual environs" (P2 project): Renderwerk Wolf & Fröch OG
Visualisation (VBG project): VBG/ECE
Title image sub-page About PORR Design & Engineering: PORR / Astrid Knie
Title image sub-page M&E Planning: PORR / Astrid Knie
Title image sub-page Offer Management: PORR / Astrid Knie
Cuvry Campus visualisation (News): Cuvrystraße 50-51 Berlin GmbH
GLCI Conference, presenters (News): Scharpf / GLCI [German Lean Construction Institute]
Contract closed for project P3 Innsbruck (News): Heinlein & Zierl
Qubes visualisations (News): ROSA-ALSCHER Gruppe
View of inner courtyard "Wohnen am Nockherberg Mitte" (News): Bayerische Hausbau
External facilites (Project NEUMARIEN): Stefan Wallmann, Landschaftsarchitekten, Berlin
HBLFA Tyrol: Ronald Zecha

Other photos: PORR and


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