LEAN Design

LEAN Design is a term for an agile project management system that promotes active communication within the planning team and models processes as transparently as possible. This yields benefits in numerous project planning areas: information flows smoothly without obstacles or delays, while LEAN working methods ensure that project objectives are achieved on time, within budget and with assured quality.




Interfaces are optimised and all sources of knowledge exploited to the full. All in all, the techniques promote interaction and collaboration between teams. Involving all the planners and decision-makers in the process right from the start facilitates better – and much leaner – planning.

LEAN Design – a versatile recipe

We use LEAN Design as standard in all our general planning projects. That means that as well the planners themselves, we bring in the technical teams who will later do the work right from the planning stage, as far as possible. Collaboration between the various project participants takes place in what we call the “Big Room”, which may be an actual room or a virtual space. Find out ​​​​​​​how we set up our digital LEAN design process with our partner RefinemySite.

In the Big Room, we use a mixture of methods adapted to the requirements of the project teams. Over time, we have found that the Last Planner® system, with its transparent six-week lookahead schedule, is ideal for almost every project. Activities are planned on a day-to-day basis, and continuous evaluation and direct feedback promote communication and transparency within the team.


LEAN Design iPad

Advantages of LEAN Design

LEAN Design can benefit our customers at every project stage:

  • Tailored, flexible planning
  • Transparency throughout the planning process
  • Continuous evaluation and refinement against objectives
  • Target value design
  • Collaborative working methods
  • Constant communication and transparency
LEAN Design – Hands attaching a post-it

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