Traunkirchen Forestry Training Centre

2017/18 saw the construction of the most advanced training centre for forestry in all of Europe: the new Forestry Training Centre in the Upper Austrian municipality of Traunkirchen (Forstliches Bildungszentrum Traunkirchen or FBZ).


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Brucker Wohnbau- und Siedlungsvereinigung eingetragene gemeinnützige Gen.m.b.H

pde period of service

04/2017 – 08/2018






Gross floor area: 18,783m²; 565 rooms; 74 dorm rooms; multi-purpose hall and dining hall

Service area


Europe’s most advanced forestry education and training centre

The FBZ has its own dormitory and has made a name for itself as a training hotspot for aspiring forestry technicians. Around 130 students and approximately 8,000 course participants take part in the training and development programmes offered every year.

The campus consists of an administration building, a school building and an adjoining residential building. The three main buildings are connected via glazed axial walkways. To the south, an adjacent park complex with a small church has been integrated into the campus. Solid timber construction was used for all the above-ground storeys.

Certified according to the “klimaaktiv Gold” standard

The innovative and thermally high-quality building envelope, efficient building technology, and 123kWp photovoltaic system were important factors for securing the “klimaaktiv Gold” certificate.  This standard formed part of the obligatory requirements set out in the original call for tenders. pde provided support for the project from the very outset and helped obtain the certificate at no significant additional cost or work.

In cooperation with PORR Bau GmbH, we were able to satisfy all of the customer’s specifications, including the use of HFC-free and PVC-free building materials. Low-emission products were used to improve the air quality inside the buildings and the overall energy efficiency was optimised for the entire project.