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LEAN Construction: A (video) field report from a hotel construction site in Vienna

The Prizeotel in Vienna applied LEAN Construction in its shell and construction phase – covering all trades involved. Watch the video to find out how pde has successfully brought LEAN to the construction site and the added value that the project partners have seen in this approach. 

In Vienna, PORR Bau GmbH, branch office Building Construction Vienna, has been building a hotel with almost 300 rooms for the Prizeotel chain since early 2020.

Since it very start, the building site has been operating under LEAN Construction principles – in both the shell and construction phases – applying to all trades involved. The handover to the developers was achieved as soon as February 2022 – to the satisfaction of everyone involved in the project, especially the client, who was impressed by the execution quality right from the very first walkarounds.


In the video you will see how pde managed to apply LEAN successfully in practice – including Big Room and the weekly PEP meetings. What’s more, the project players and subcontractors talk about their personal experiences with LEAN Construction.

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