Construction Supervision

Monitoring, coordination, controls and checks: construction supervision encompasses all kinds of diverse tasks. Why not entrust them to an expert, reliable partner who will keep track of all construction work, resources and dependencies throughout even a major project – that is, why not get in touch with pde?



We align our work with your project objectives, monitor the construction stage and subsequently check that the building complies with the approvals, contracts, execution documentation, regulations and all the generally accepted standards and codes of practice. We are also happy to take responsibility for site supervision and represent your interests when it comes to time, costs and quality.

Quality assurance

Specialist knowledge – objective checks

Take advantage of an objective inspection with specialist insight. One of the major advantages of our integrated planning approach is that building monitoring, like everything we do, is treated in the context of an interdisciplinary project involving all the relevant specialists, thus benefiting from the pooled expertise and operative knowledge of the different divisions. This approach is particularly valuable for the cost-intensive mechanical & electrical engineering, as it has excellent results when it comes to minimising error sources – and thus saves costs.


Our construction supervision services include all tasks needed to guarantee effective execution. We pay special attention to quality assurance and regular inspections and checks. To achieve this, we carry out scheduled progress checks in every technical section and service at regular intervals throughout the construction stage. What’s more, our work doesn’t stop at the quality checks – we will also handle scheduling for you, ensuring that deadlines and specifications are met.

Our portfolio of construction supervision services includes:

  • Updating schedules
  • Cost tracking, checks and assessments
  • Checking documentation provided by contracting companies
  • Defect tracking
  • Reviewing the digital model
  • Claim management
  • Acceptance
  • Documentation
  • Checking invoices
Construction supervision employees

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