Structural Engineering

Planning the building framework is an essential component of any building design. However, it takes a lot of experience and know-how to turn innovative structures into reality – and those are things we have in abundance at pde. An important element of our integrated planning approach is forged of the close interaction between all our technical teams. In addition, we have been using building information modelling (BIM) for several years, as this interdisciplinary collaboration on the BIM model yields a number of advantages.

Since our teams collaborate closely in the BIM building data model, and since we maintain close links between the construction site, cost estimation and scheduling, we are in an excellent position to provide support during the construction stage as-needed. Our goal is to ensure that your scheme is realised following the current state of the art, while also economical, safe and fit for purpose.

Structural engineering for building construction and civil engineering

Superlative construction support and superstructures

Our structural engineering portfolio is characterised by unmatched flexibility. The interdisciplinary collaboration in the BIM model and the close links between all the various project levels pave the way for a unique approach to economic, efficient construction fulfilling contemporary standards. This enables us to achieve huge savings even at the planning stage.


The core competences of our specialist planning team span the range from drawing up structural calculations for approval to structural engineering for auxiliary construction measures in building construction and civil engineering projects. We design the best superstructure to match the requirements and function of the building. What we deliver is a comprehensive package from structural analysis through to execution planning.

Our structural engineering services cover the following fields of expertise:

Civil engineering:

  • Designing temporary construction pit systems
  • Stabilisation
  • Soil improvement
  • Bridges

Building construction:

  • Structural analyses for reinforced concrete, steel and timber structures
  • Prefabricated structures
  • Rehabilitation of old buildings
  • Superstructures tailored to individual requirements, e.g. for solid construction, skeleton construction or a space frame
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