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FAIR particle accelerator wins SOLID Bautech Award 2021

The Solid Bautech Award Austria is given by the construction trade journal SOLID once every two years. In 2021 PORR won the main award in the International category for the “FAIR particle accelerator” project in Darmstadt. For three years already, pde has been part of this challenging but always exciting project with an experienced team for structural engineering and construction preparation.



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The FAIR particle accelerator in Darmstadt is one of the world’s largest and most complex construction projects for international cutting-edge research. Unique building structures are taking shape on a plot of around 20 hectares and will provide a base from which to operate the state-of-the-art research equipment. An integrated construction plan was developed for the highly complex multinational mega-project, encompassing building construction, civil engineering and structural engineering works, along with the development and construction of the accelerator and closely aligning all of these works with the scientific experiments.

Complex requirements

The team from the structural engineering & structural planning department were assigned the huge responsibility of designing the north section of the plant, which plays a key part in the structural stages of this project. In addition to structural safety and optimum economic feasibility, a main focal point was intensive cooperation with the construction management. The unusual dimensions of the components, extremely high reinforcement demands, a wide range of interdependencies regarding construction processes, as well as a tight schedule – all of this called for everyone involved in the project to adopt a structured, innovative and responsible approach.

Complex calculations that go beyond the usual requirements along with proofs and plans that need to be produced "just in time" and parallel to construction works all contributed to the successful realisation of the project.

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