Fire Protection

Fire protection is a significant, indeed essential, factor in every construction scheme. There are numerous specifications and regulations that must be complied with. Regional fire protection regulations specify, for different types of building use, what rescue routes are required, how many, and which structural or system-based fire protection measures are necessary.


It is therefore extremely important to integrate fire protection into your schemes from the very first planning stage. That way, a detailed fire protection scheme can be devised and all the requirements for the ground plan can be harmonised with the architectural planning in later stages.

Fire protection from the ground up

We design comprehensive fire protection plans

Working hand in hand with our customers right from execution stage 1 has several benefits. For one thing, it means that we can identify building design elements relevant to fire protection at an early stage and ensure these are taken into account. This makes approval processes much simpler, since our team can coordinate the fire protection scheme with the relevant permit authorities and the fire service from an early stage.


Based on the outcome of this early collaboration and further coordination with everyone involved in planning, we can draw up a tailored fire protection plan. Drawing on our wealth of experience with fire protection in building construction accumulated through many successful projects, we are able to guarantee safety and economic feasibility for your fire protection scheme without compromising the architectural vision.

We are happy to be involved in construction schemes of all types and sizes. We will work closely with you from the start of the project and take care of all the fire safety documentation that you need for the building permit. An overview of our fire protection services:

  • Drawing up fire protection schemes for standard or specialised buildings
  • Developing fire protection plans so that the necessary structural fire safety measures can be visualised
  • Evaluating existing buildings against fire safety requirements
  • Support during competitions and bids
  • Support during execution planning
  • Support during construction
  • Advice in all areas of preventive fire safety
A fire protection plan

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