LEAN Design

Efficient planning with the objective in mind

LEAN Design is an agile project management system that promotes communication between planning teams, transparently maps processes and reduces delays in the information flow.
LEAN methods allow projects to be implemented within the given budget as all planners and decision makers are integrated in the process from the outset. The supportive collaboration between all work groups, e.g. in the so-called “Big Room”, streamlines planning and optimises interfaces.

The Last Planner® system is used in LEAN Design to harmonise planning processes. Its greatest advantage is its mobility: it enables quick responses to modifications, while all planning teams participate in decision-making and interdependencies are visualised in a shared plan. The centrepiece of LPS® is the 6-week Look-Ahead-Schedule, which plans activities on a daily basis and sets milestones. Continual evaluation and direct feedback actively breaks down barriers, allowing us to respond more quickly and flexibly during the planning process.

LEAN Design in the construction sector: rewarding collaboration

Using LEAN Design in a planning project enables us to harmonise our planning processes, use all sources of knowledge and promote collaboration in all our teams.
For our clients, LEAN Design in all work phases means:

  • Individual, flexible planning
  • Transparency throughout the entire planning process 
  • Ongoing success analysis and readjustment
  • Target Value Design
  • Collaborative working methods
  • Continuous communication and transparency


Thomas Baierl

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