LEAN Construction

Building with people: the fundamental principle of LEAN Construction

LEAN Construction originated in the automotive sector and refers to a tightly synchronised, efficient implementation process. In the German-speaking world, building construction still involves considerable division of labour. This increases the likelihood of delays and makes it difficult for individual work groups to keep their sights on the overall assignment.

In contrast, LEAN Construction means that every team involved in the implementation is integrated from the outset. This LEAN Management approach and method correspond exactly to the principles held by PORR Design & Engineering. As a holistic and integral actor, we bear the subsequent implementation stage in mind during planning work.

By the time LEAN Construction begins, all decisions have been taken and only the implementation remains to be coordinated. The first two team workshops determine whether the planning goal can be achieved or has even been exceeded. Construction schedules and the work groups synchronisation (e.g. in the form of weekly trade sequences) render the construction workflow particularly efficient and predictable.

Why LEAN Construction produces better results and increased satisfaction

A key element of LEAN Management, and of LEAN Construction specifically, is the Last Planner® system. This involves creating a detailed project plan with intermediate goals to expedite the workflow. The collaborative nature of the Last Planner® method encourages communication between all parties and work groups involved, creating a shared understanding of the project and the ongoing processes. Integrating the people carrying out the works more effectively in the planning process makes it possible to conduct realistic assessments. The goal is to minimise errors during each work stage and ensure continuous improvement.

During the LEAN Construction phase, we offer our clients:

  • Staff training on methodology and didactics during the implementation stage
  • Project support and weekly evaluations
  • Workshops and coaching sessions on conflict management and problem solving


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