Quartier Belvedere Central

The Quartier Belvedere Central is a business location just a few minutes walk from Vienna’s city centre. It is conveniently situated between Vienna Central Station, the Schweizergarten, the Upper Belvedere and Obere Wieden.

The distinctive blend of offices, flats, restaurants, culture and education is characteristic for the entire district. This is the kind of location that is brimming with activity 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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QBC Immobilien GmbH & Co KG

pde period of service

03/2013 – 02/2021






Gross floor area: 160,000m²; 7 building components

It is surrounded by parks, including the Schweizergarten (Swiss Garden) and the Belvedere Park – offering locals and office workers a welcome respite from their daily routines. There are also plenty of daycare centres and schools within walking distance, an additional factor making people’s day-to-day lives easier.

Seven separate developments have been successfully completed, each with fully comprehensive audits – primarily in accordance with DGNB and LEED. The most recent project, QBC2, set a new benchmark at both a national level and within the QBC with an overall DGNB achievement rate of 86.84%.