The campus on Berresgasse combines kindergarten, school, and active leisure at a single site. Children up to the age of 14 have been receiving full-time teaching and care here since 2019. Over the coming years, the school will take up to 1,100 children. PORR was involved in the project as general contractor, where we were able to offer a full service from a single source – from financing and planning through to construction and the subsequent building operation.

View of the Berresgasse project
View of the entrance to the Berresgasse project
Overall view of the Berresgasse project
View of the Berresgasse gymnasium
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View of the Berresgasse project
View of the entrance to the Berresgasse project
Overall view of the Berresgasse project
View of the Berresgasse gymnasium


Magistratsabteilung 34 der Stadt Wien

pde period of service

2017 - 2018

Service areas

Planning, sustainability, LEAN, BIM






3 storeys; 19,000m² total, including 8,500m² outdoor areas (green classrooms, playgrounds, quiet gardens); 11 kindergarten groups, 16 primary school classes, 12 new middle school classes; sports hall with three sections, library and special classrooms

Work stage

Work stage 5

Everything from a single source

PORR as general contractor

The Berresgasse education campus is part of the City of Vienna‘s „Campus Plus“ project. The project is about creating stronger links between kindergartens, schools and active leisure facilities, and thereby developing joint activities across different groups and classes.

PORR was involved in this project as part of a public-private partnership (PPP), where we took on the general contractor role – not just planning and building the campus, but also taking responsibility for the financing. We – or, to be precise, PORREAL – will also be operating the campus for the next 25 years. pde handled the execution planning.

The general contractor model means that all project services and competences are taken on by the PORR Group, from cost estimation through to operation. This made the project ideal for making use of building information modelling, or BIM. The digital data model was put into place right from the start and departmental planners extended it throughout the project period. Consequently, the Berresgasse school campus is a PORR showcase project demonstrating the use of BIM right through the internal value chain.

Another interesting element of the general contractor project is the LEAN management: site supervisors and facility management were involved with the planning right from the start and could therefore be included in the LEAN approach. “The short planning period of six months meant that intensive cooperation between the Construction and Facility Management sides was crucial. By incorporating experience at the planning stage, we were able to save considerable time and money during execution and subsequent operation”, explains Stefan Galli, Project Manager for planning.

Comments on the project

Wolfgang Kainzmeier (PORR Beteiligungen GmbH)

„PORR was able to exploit the internal value chain here, in a way that other projects rarely allow. We were able to demonstrate that we have an optimised set-up in all our departments – planning, construction, operation and financing. The result is an infrastructure project delivered to meet the requirements of thepublic sector client, on time and with no additional costs.“

Working with the client for the best result

Public Private Partnership

The City of Vienna tendered the campus as a PPP project: public-private partnership. This refers to a collaboration between a public sector client and a private partner.

The Berresgasse campus has been planned, built, financed, and is being operated all from a single source, with cooperation between various PORR subsidiaries: pde, PORR Bau, PORREAL and other PORR affiliates. The PPP department is the interface where construction, operation and financing are brought together. The department is also responsible for the long-term asset management. This allows the client to benefit from a single point of contact who then coordinates the tasks within the Group.

View of the entrance to the Berresgasse project