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Top places in design and architecture competitions

Recognition in the competition "New fire station and administration building, Hanseatic city of Wismar".

The work of our design department and Simons & Hinze Landscape Architects was awarded with a recognition in the Europe-wide, non-open realization competition. The team around Fabian Kirchner came in 4th out of well over 100 applicants.

The design was praised by the jury in all areas, as the following excerpt from the evaluation shows:

Design "New fire station and administration building, Hanseatic city of Wismar".
Design "New fire station and administration building, Hanseatic city of Wismar".


The authors succeeded in accommodating the two functional units of the administration and the fire station in an architecturally uniform, yet differentiated building structure in such a way that joint synergies can be used. The elongated structure, oriented parallel to Poeler Straße, integrates the hall for the fire engines as well as the administrative rooms situated around an atrium, the offices, recreation rooms and ancillary rooms of the fire department and the required fire department tower, which is integrated on the northern side of the building and defines a counterweight to the three-story administration building.


The authors succeed in developing a design-architectural concept through a uniform choice of materials and colors, which can be differentiated according to the requirements of use. The uniformity of the architectural language and the appropriateness of the concept convinced the jury. The floor plans are cleverly and economically organized and structured according to the required typology depending on the use. The administrative building has an easily detectable access area, which is visually extended by the spatial impression of the inner courtyard. Around this courtyard all rooms are arranged in three levels. In a natural way, the concept allows the continuation of the office and recreation rooms of the fire department, which are partially arranged on the upper floor around a one-story, landscaped courtyard. This gives structure to the very deep building required on the first floor.

Design "New fire station and administration building, Hanseatic city of Wismar".


The arrangement of the fire department exits on the east side in the direction of Poeler Straße is logically developed from the concept and enables the clear separation of the exits from the access to the administration building. Economically, the design is in the good range. The energy concept is convincing. The proposal to erect the building in a timber hybrid construction with curtain wall elements in timber panel construction is rated particularly positively as a sustainable concept. With an unagitated, very well organized and appropriately architecturally formulated design, the authors succeed in making a convincing contribution that represents the awarding authority's requirement for a contemporary, open house for the citizens of Wismar.

Open space

The authors manage to fill the open spaces on the site with life using a simple design: To create an address, the building ensemble is given a central paved forecourt; the adjacent planting areas are planted with ash trees, buckthorn and dune grasses, and a large bench invites visitors to linger.

Particularly noteworthy are the two well-designed courtyards, which are landscaped with planted areas and wooden terraces. In the NW of the property, the required sports areas (beach volleyball field & table tennis facility) are planned. In addition, areas for quiet stay are arranged in the garden. A positive aspect is that the precipitation water is to be infiltrated on site in troughs / infiltration trenches. Extensive green roofs promote biodiversity on extreme sites.

Top place also in Competitionline annual ranking

For the first time, our Design department from Berlin is listed in the top 25 of Competitionline's 2022 annual ranking. And that's out of well over 20,000 architectural firms. An excellent performance for our team in the ranking of Germany's most important competition portal.


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