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Successful sustainability performance

We build sustainability optimisation into all our buildings right from the design stage. Our colleagues from the Sustainability Department also delivered a successful performance.

We congratulate Lisa Hauptmann and Thomas Thallinger on their successful training as ESG consultants (approved by DGNB) and EU Taxonomy Advisors (approved by ÖGNI).



Colleagues with their certificates

EU Taxonomy Advisors and DGNB ESG Managers are experts in sustainable real estate management and in the practical application of optimization strategies for new and existing buildings in order to consistently accompany sustainability in operation and implement appropriate measures. They also carry out building certifications and audits in accordance with the EU Taxonomy Regulation or establish compliance with the EU Taxonomy.

Our Sustainability department is thus even better and more comprehensively positioned.

What is the EU Taxonomy?

In order to achieve the EU's climate and energy targets, investments must be channeled into sustainable projects and activities. To define the term "sustainable", the EU Taxonomy Regulation was created. It is the common classification system for sustainable economic activities to achieve the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement.

Do you want sustainable planning, consulting or review of your construction project in terms of the EU Taxonomy? Our trained EU Taxonomy Advisors and ESG Advisors are your reliable partners. Contact us at nachhaltigkeit@pde-porr.com.