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Saving energy thanks to M&E Planning

Building services engineering plays a crucial role in the energy efficiency of buildings. By incorporating innovative technologies and concepts into planning and execution at pde, we significantly reduce energy consumption while improving the comfort and productivity of buildings. Two examples: The innovative energy system for an office building in Salzburg and the solar power plant project in Lower Austria.

In addition to the economic comparison of various energy solutions for the selection of the best and most sustainable system, we were also responsible for the planning of the technical center and the entire technology. Large-scale ground brine storage tanks under the floor slab were planned and realized, which store heat in combination with hybrid collectors. This energy can be used at any time for building component activation. Excess heat that would normally be discharged into the environment can thus be stored and reused.

This use of modern heating and cooling systems can drastically reduce energy consumption and thus operating costs. Through sustainable planning, we thus contribute to climate protection and, as the operator, you benefit from the long-term financial savings.



On the way to becoming Austria's largest solar power producer

With the project "Sonnenkraftwerk NÖ" Lower Austria wants to become the largest solar power producer in Austria. We at pde are actively involved in the planning. In the fight against climate change and for a sustainable future. In addition to equipping private buildings with photovoltaic systems, suitable state properties will also be equipped with large-scale photovoltaic systems by 2024. These include district administrative offices, schools, nursing and care centers and road maintenance depots.

Our implementation planning has already been completed, and with Lot 1, ten nursing and care facilities have already received a system. And many are already in the planning stage, as a total of over one hundred more photovoltaic systems with an output of 16,000 kWp are to be built. These are to cover the energy consumption of around 4,000 households.


We will be happy to help you choose the optimal energy system for your construction project.


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