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Presenting the new pde Integrale Planung

With an independent brand identity and under the new company name pde Integrale Planung GmbH, we are embarking on a new chapter. This rebranding will allow us to showcase our portfolio of services using BIM and LEAN for sustainable building design on a focused and modernised website.

New brand, new logo, new design

Originally founded in 2012 as a general planning company, our spectrum has steadily expanded over the years. Today, we see ourselves as an innovation powerhouse for tomorrow’s sustainable building design. The use of state-of-the-art methods such as Building Information Modelling (BIM) and LEAN management enables us to establish new standards.

„With our new company name pde Integrale Planung GmbH nd an independent brand identity, we are embarking on a new chapter in the company’s history. We are creating awareness of pde as an independent, integral planning company and positioning ourselves as a pioneering, efficient and competent partner for our clients", explains an enthusiastic Markus Strobl, Technical Managing Director of pde in Austria.

Our vision is to work with our customers to implement building projects that will inspire future generations.

pde managing director Markus Strobl

Setting new standards for sustainable building projects

Our planning expertise in the various disciplines is perfectly complemented by our background in operational construction. We will continue to maintain our close ties with PORR and regard this as an important additional benefit to the expertise we offer.


For us, integral planning means maintaining a close dialogue between pde’s planning units and, above all, with the expert teams of the upstream and downstream phases as well as with the employer. Our new vision is firmly grounded in a spirit of partnership and cooperation:


Torsten Haubold

„Our new brand is a statement of what our employees work to achieve every day: We provide planning, costing and coordination services with passion and competence from the project idea to successful realisation and offer all our services from a single source“

No change to other company details

Very little will change for our customers, partners and suppliers as a result of the new company name. All contracts and other agreements with the previous PORR Design & Engineering GmbH and PORR Design & Engineering Deutschland GmbH will be adopted by pde Integrale Planung GmbH without any changes and thus retain their validity. Apart from the new company name, there will be no other change in the company details of the two companies.


Video - Mehr als nur Generalplanung