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Wood is expensive and time-consuming!

There is a persistent prejudice against timber as a building material: it is expensive and the construction time is slower than for classic steel-concrete buildings, for example. However, a timber construction building of the same size and to the same standard generally costs no more than a solid construction.

Why? Because the building material also influences the construction process. Timber components as large-format building elements can be manufactured separately from the construction site - including windows, insulation, pipes, etc. These are then precisely assembled on site. This significantly shortens the construction time, increases quality and also saves storage space.

And that's not all. Thanks to prefabrication in the factory, the timber construction elements can be produced independently of external weather conditions. This means, for example, that long drying times on building sites can be avoided. Thorough and, above all, timber construction-compliant planning in advance not only ensures that deadlines are met, but also provides full cost control and security. Timber construction - #ast, efficient and sustainable!

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