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pde 10-year anniversary party for employees

To celebrate the company’s 10-year anniversary, pde Austria invited all of its employees to a huge party on 16 September in Colosseum XXI in Vienna’s 21st district.

Carnival atmosphere

The party, which went by the motto “Carnival” started on Friday afternoon in the outdoor area, when we managed to make the most of the last day of summer before an early cold front in mid-September. Guests were able to try out various fun stations, from the popular tin-can shooting to the deafening “Hau den Lukas” strongman game and wild bull-riding.



Completing activities at 5 of the 6 stations also entitled the participants to take part in the evening raffle, giving colleagues an extra burst of motivation. At the same time, table magicians, acrobats and a juggler were out and about in the crowd, making the guests laugh and gasp.

The day was moderated by the great Maria Gschwandtner, who led us through the highlights of the day as a circus director on stilts. For refreshment in between, there were the salty snacks typical of a funfair, but also many sweet temptations from “Zucker-Peter”.

The photo box in our fortune-telling tent was also very popular, and many people took home funny photo souvenirs with their teams.

The party moves inside

In the evening, the action shifted to the festively decorated hall of the Arena, where the hosts Markus Strobl and Klaus Gruber gave a review of the last 10 years as well as an outlook on the future of pde. A special highlight was also the speech by founder and long-time managing director Gernot Wagner, who looked back at the beginnings and evolution of pde. All of the speakers were particularly keen to emphasise how important the staff are to pde’s success and how proud they are of the excellent team.



Before dinner, three great prizes were also raffled off among the entrants.  The main prize went to a colleague from the Premstätten site, who can look forward to an enjoyable breakfast in the Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel on her next trip to Vienna.

Keep the party going

During dinner, we were treated to an impressive display in the form of a light show with LED hula hoops and an aerial silk show by our hostess.

The evening ended on the dance floor with delicious cocktails and hits of the last decades played by DJ Roman. To keep the party going, the guests received a portable Bluetooth speaker box as a farewell gift, which is of course very suitable at work for online team conferences.