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Ignite the LEAN idea

LEAN Construction helps to structure and optimize every construction project and its processes and interfaces. In this way, all project participants are optimally supported and work with focus from the start of construction towards completion. The best cornerstone: our training courses on LEAN Construction.

These not only impart knowledge, but also strengthen team spirit. The theoretical knowledge is in the background, much more important is the experience factor paired with the greatest possible practical learning effect of the LEAN Construction methods. The best: We come directly to you. This allows us to train your employees efficiently and practically in their own working environment.

This is what you and your team can expect:

🤝 Welcome and warm up

🚀 Entry into the 1st simulation round: tight construction time, stress, surprises and a short preparation time. Each participant* takes on a specific trade in the construction of a building.

💡 Feedback and an evaluation of the collected KPIs.

🎓 Introduction to the topic of LEAN and its practical application in construction projects.

🏗️ 2. simulation round: The LEAN methods learned are applied directly. In this way, all participants experience the added value of the LEAN principles at first hand through their own actions.

🔄 Feedback and an evaluation of the KPIs compared to the 1st round.

🔮 Outlook on real construction projects.

Our LEAN training courses offer great opportunities to strengthen team spirit, optimize processes and ignite the LEAN spirit in your organization.



SimCity for the construction industry: Experience LEAN Construction first-hand

Entertaining training based on simulation models with a high entertainment and learning factor. Perfect for bringing the topic of LEAN Construction and the achievable added value to life in a practical way. It's easy to do. For example, with a SimCity training course.

To illustrate the Last Planner® system in combination with takting, we are working on a simulation model for interior construction. Suitable for use in construction projects with repeatable takt areas. The goal: to understand LEAN, to be convinced of its added value, and to be able to apply the methods and tools in practice.

Each participant is assigned a role - and off they go with round 1. Building on this, further rounds on the simulation model follow, in which the process and the results are successively improved. The improvements through the LEAN methods can therefore be experienced first hand.


Arrange a training that will transform your team's performance in the long term.


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