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General planning of the Brüder Grimm School Meerbusch

After winning the architectural competition, we have now also impressed in the award procedure and have been commissioned by the city of Meerbusch with the #general planning of the school complex in hybrid timber construction.

In addition to the quality of the design, the most important decision criteria for the public client were holistic planning, resource-conserving realisation and energy-efficient operation. The aim is to achieve BNB Silver and QNG certification. Our design team led by Fabian Kirchner will be responsible for the general planning following the successful management of the competition and the negotiation process.

In addition to the specialist architectural planning, the specialist disciplines of structural planning, technical building services, fire protection, timber construction and sustainability were also commissioned. Our planning team is completed by Simons & Hinze landscape architects and Müller-BBM Building Solutions.

We are proud to be able to realise this meeting place for 400 pupils together with the city of Meerbusch.

Brüder-Grimm-Schule Meerbusch