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  • For the 1st time in Austria:

A fire test at more than 1000 degrees

When it comes to optimising the load-bearing capacity of timber building structures, our timber construction experts don't just rely on expert reports and structural calculations. Controlled fire tests, such as those carried out as part of the Vis-à-Vis project in Vienna, also provide important information before large-volume and multi-storey residential buildings are erected.

For this purpose, a flat and its entire supporting structure were recreated and set on fire. The more than 1000 degrees Celsius over a standardised period of time provided information on how wood must be used and dimensioned in construction in order to ensure the optimum burning time.

But that was not enough: for the first time in Austria, the fire brigade also simulated an extinguishing attack after the specified fire duration in order to subsequently analyse the fire attack on the timber construction. The positive result: the wood withstood much longer and the temperature load within the wood was far lower than expected.

This also proves in practice: wood burns better - controlled, calculable and safe.

Fire brigade at the fire test