M&E Planning

Sustainable building technology in building construction

Mechanical & electrical engineering accounts for a growing share of the total construction costs. Due to increasingly complex requirements in the fields of sustainability, energy efficiency and Smart Building as well as in regard to occupant comfort, mechanical & electrical engineering is of growing significance in construction planning.

We plan the heating, cooling, ventilation and sanitary facilities, electrical technology (high and low voltage) and the entire building automation system from the outset. In doing so, we collaborate closely with other PORR Design & Engineering departments, such as architecture, sustainability and building physics, in order to save time and resources. The interdisciplinary BIM approach in which all departments work together also facilitates precise and detailed planning.

As a multi-engineering company with a holistic approach to planning, we work in close cooperation with our clients from the very beginning. We work together to define individual requirements as the building’s mechanical and electrical engineering requirements depend on its function.

Using value engineering to optimise costs and energy consumption

Our M&E planning services place a strong focus on value engineering. Our M&E planners can create entirely new plans from the ground up or work on the basis of existing plans. They use value engineering to identify and exploit potential areas of optimisation. This enables us to maximise the value and use of every construction project for our clients.
We use Building Information Modelling to develop a detailed plan for the technical building facilities early on in the building planning phase and thus create a holistic building model.