Office Park 4

Office Park 4 (OP4) is one of Airport City Vienna’s most prominent landmarks. With an overall achievement rate of 87.50% in the most recent DGNB use profile of the Austrian Society for Sustainable Property Management (Österreichische Gesellschaft für Nachhaltige Immobilienwirtschaft or ÖGNI), it has achieved what is probably currently the highest rating for office buildings in all of Austria. OP4 has thus earned the right to call itself “Austrias most sustainable office building”. The requirements of Regulation (EU) 2020/852 (Taxonomy) have, as far as we know, already been implemented ahead of schedule.


Office Park 4 Flughafen Wien Aussenansicht des Gebäudes
Office Park 4 Flughafen Wien open space Büro Nachhaltigkeit
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Office Park 4 Flughafen Wien Aussenansicht des Gebäudes
Office Park 4 Flughafen Wien open space Büro Nachhaltigkeit


Office Park 4 Errichtungs- & Betriebs GmbH

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GFA: 35.825 m²

Service area


Austria’s most sustainable office building

Office Park 4 Errichtungs- & Betriebs GmbH, a subsidiary of Flughafen Wien AG, has developed high-quality office premises and modern indoor and outdoor co-working spaces in the airport city. Additional areas have been created for restaurants and bars, events and retail. A nursery school has also been built.

The entire structure comprises 10 floors on almost 36,000m² of gross floor area. It is the first project to have been consistently implemented in accordance with the new DGNB core system of the ÖGNI in the 2017 platinum version from the outset. Office Park 4 thus fits in perfectly with the airport’s DGNB district certification.

Of particular note is the optimisation of the building services and building physics. Dynamic methods were used to noticeably reduce the connection values and power for the entire building.

Office Park 4 is also the first project to be awarded ÖGNI Crystal certification for demonstrably outstanding socio-cultural performance. A minimum score of ≥80% for socio-cultural and functional quality is required for a project to be eligible for the ÖGNI Crystal rating. Office Park 4 achieved a score of 92.80%.

We had originally hoped to achieve ÖGNI Platinum certification for sustainability in accordance with DGNB standards. Following a score of 81.10% in the DGNB preliminary certificate, we ultimately achieved a sustainability performance of 87.50% in the DGNB final certificate.