Bavaria Towers

Dynamic planning and state-of-the-art technology with Shell & Core: The Bavaria Towers, planned right up to turnkey completion by PORR Design & Engineering, do not just represent a visionary construction project of the highest standard. They are also a flagship project in terms of sustainability, recognized with the LEED Gold award for its Life Cycle Assessment.

Bogenhausener Tor Immobilien GmbH
Projekt partner
Bogenhauser Tor Immobilien GmbH
Project duration
Period of service for PDE
1 hotel tower - "White Tower": 15 storeys, 53.6 m high, 15,000 m² gross floor area above ground, 21,600 m² gross floor area below ground;
Bogenhauser Tor Immobilien GmbH
1 office tower - "Blue Tower": 18 storeys, 72.3 m high, 24,000 m² gross floor area

Gateways to the future: With their spectacular design and sophisticated technology, the Bavaria Towers are a striking feature of the eastern Munich cityscape.

Landmarks with perspective

Two towers with different uses and futures: while the hotel tower was planned in close collaboration with the hotel leaseholder and subject to their requirements, the details of the interior fittings of the office tower were still unknown during the crucial planning phase.


For this demanding project, PORR received the contract for complete turnkey construction, while PORR Design & Engineering undertook the general planning services (Work phase 5) as well as consulting, property and specialist planning and tenant management. This project in particular required a wide range of know-how in design and organisation planning, logistics, controlling and value engineering.


Subsequently, construction planning was organised in close collaboration with the construction site team. For this project PORR Design & Engineering created schedules for the bidding, detailed planning and finishing phases, for the site facilities including construction phase plans, for the quantity survey including resource graphs as well as the call for tenders and awarding the contract for formwork operations.


Along with their imposing design and ultramodern mechanical and electrical engineering, the Bavaria Towers are impressive in terms of sustainability. An environmentally friendly energy supply using geothermal energy and district heating earned the Towers, and PORR Design & Engineering's services, a LEED Gold certification. Floor-to-ceiling glazing with opening casements providing natural ventilation, individually adjustable sun protection and concrete core activation serve to regulate the climate. The basic infrastructure provided for staff members - e.g. changing rooms and showers for cyclists - promotes the use of environmentally conscious modes of transport.

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