New Spreespeicher in Berlin coming to life as tenants move in

The “New Spreespeicher” achieved full tenancy in September. Five tenants are now sharing the six buildings in the new office and commercial complex being built on the Spree. The next goal is to draw up suitable plans as quickly as possible, since the first internal tenant outfitting will begin this autumn. Designs are being developed in collaboration with the tenants and interior designers and by the end of 2020, they will have become reality on the site.

The carcass and basic structure of the “New Spreespeicher” office and commercial complex have been drawing attention since early 2018. The complex dominates the urban landscape in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district and its visibility and prime location on the banks of the Spree have attracted plenty of potential tenants. The client can now boast full tenancy from mid-September 2019. The five companies will share the six buildings in the complex and the communal areas in the spacious entrance halls and green inner courtyard.

PDE is working intensively with the tenants and interior designers to develop tenant outfitting schemes for implementation by the end of 2020. Emphasis is being placed on a rapid transition to the planning phase, using a BIM model to ensure that all domestic technology subsections are coordinated from early on. The goal now is to draw up suitable plans within a very short time, since the first tenant outfitting begins in autumn 2019.

Hand in hand with this, planning is currently being synchronised with the construction site, planning and construction workflows are being laid out, and the project milestones defined using LEAN techniques. The tenant outfitting processes must also be taken into account, as they will run in parallel, at least to some extent. The tenant outfitting is already beginning in some of the blocks, while basic structures are not yet complete in other areas. This means that storage space is at a premium, which is causing some logistical challenges, particularly as structural work for the basement and outdoor areas is already underway.

The cost estimation department is also already involved; this ensures that tenant requirements can be evaluated and decisions made in plenty of time.

The tenant plans primarily envisage office space in all the building sections. The full range of modern office services will be available, from open-plan offices with flexible working space and private lockers to tiny offices for start-ups. To round off the modern office complex, the ground floor has a number of cafés and meeting rooms with views over the spacious inner courtyard or the Spree.

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