New Courts: PDE for main contractor services in Wedding, Berlin

Modern, sustainable working in central Berlin. New Courts, an office complex with five building wings, will make this possible from 2021. PORR Design & Engineering (PDE) has been commissioned to complete the execution planning for the project. Efficient methodologies are supporting integral general planning and high-quality execution works.

PORR has secured the contract to serve as main contractor for the erection and basic construction of the New Courts commercial building in the Wedding district of Berlin. PORR Design & Engineering (PDE) has been commissioned to complete execution planning from Work Phase 5 onwards. 

Modern, sustainable working in central Berlin 

The architectural concept, designed by welter+welter architekten BDA, features a campus-style character and will allow varied, flexible use of the office spaces. The office complex comprises five building wings and is made up of five-storey to seven-storey office buildings. The project is based on a very lightweight, almost floating building structure and is sure to catch the eye with the reflective elements of its façade. The building will also benefit from a single-storey underground car park, which will spread across almost the entire site. The layout of the building’s wings will create three courtyards, two of which will serve as delivery areas for the new offices as well as the neighbouring building used by Deutsche Telekom. One courtyard will remain traffic-free and will be landscaped as an attractive leisure area for the building’s occupants. It is hoped that the building will receive DGNB Gold certification.

Planning and LEAN management by PDE

PDE, which has been working on the project planning since July 2019, will complete work on the main section by February 2020. In total, 15 of our planners are working on the project, addressing aspects including the architecture, structural planning, M&E planning, building physics and sustainability. BIM is implemented as standard in all our planning processes, meaning that a virtual data image of the building complex will be generated before the structure itself is built. 
A joint initial workshop organised by PDE brought together all parties involved in the project – both internal and external, from the client to the landscape designer. This meeting allowed the parties to discuss and agree on shared targets for costs, timeframe and quality. Our LEAN approach plays an important role in effectively connecting the people involved in planning and construction, thus providing the required time security and cost assurance for the project. 

Completion of interior construction scheduled for mid-2021

Our colleagues at PORR Major Projects Building Construction will commence construction in mid-December 2019. The construction pit will be excavated by the Baugrube New Courts Berlin consortium, with PORR subsidiary Stump-Franki Spezialtiefbau overseeing technical aspects. PORR is then scheduled to lay the foundation slab in January. Basic construction is slated for completion in August 2021.

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