About PORR Design & Engineering

The next generation of general planning: multi-engineering. With many years of experience in traditional planning trades and a visionary eye on the future, we are practicing engineering at the highest level. Perfecting innovative methods such as BIM and LEAN Management has enabled us to achieve efficient implementation with stable costs for even the most challenging planning projects.

Year founded
2012 PORR Design & Engineering GmbH
2013 PORR Design & Engineering Deutschland GmbH
Number of employees
Currently 340 employees - growing
Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia
Fields of competency
Classic building construction (offices, residential, hotels, commercial, retail), specialist building construction (stadiums, health care facilities, industrial plants), specialist civil engineering and infrastructural constructions
General planning, Architecture, M&E Planning, Structural Engineering, Sustainability (Certifications), Building Physics, Fire Protection, LEAN Management (LEAN Design, LEAN Construction), Building Information Modelling, Construction Coordination (Construction Preparation, Construction supervision, M&E Construction Supervision), Tender Management

PORR Group Organisational Chart

Engineering to the power of X

Founded in 2012 as a general planner, we have developed into a company dedicated to developing and perfecting innovative methods in the planning and construction process. Our most significant operation method is Building Information Modelling (BIM). This integrative method has been established and continually perfected within the PORR Group for several years now, helping to promptly mitigate planning errors and precisely calculate costs. We also guarantee the highest degree of transparency for the employer: involvement in the planning stages allows the client to follow the three-dimensional emergence of the object virtually.

In combination with LEAN Management, we are thus able to ensure not only excellent planning quality, but also stable costs and schedules for the most challenging projects in terms of technology, architecture, budget and deadline compliance.

As a multi-engineering company we offer more than just general planning. We never look at one work phase of a project in isolation, instead considering the whole life cycle. Accordingly, we maintain a close dialogue with the specialist teams responsible for the upstream and downstream work stages, and in so doing, lay the best possible foundations for the production and service life of a building.In all our projects we undertake to preserve the design concept, plan economically and carry out the required processes efficiently. By using BIM, we are introducing new planning standards, considering sustainable aspects at an early stage and laying the groundwork for innovative and long-lasting constructions. If so desired, our specialists are able to support construction implementation right through to the handing over of the keys.

We are PORR Design & Engineering.




We are 340 creative talents

Board of Management

Thomas Eberl,
Commercial Managing Director, PORR Design & Engineering

Thomas Eberl began his career with PORR Germany in 1991. At that time, he was responsible for project execution and commercial management. Today he manages different subsidiaries of the Group.


Christian Maeder,
Technical Managing Director, PORR Design & Engineering

After studying architecture at ETH Zurich, Christian Maeder worked as general planning manager for the new ECB building in Frankfurt and as client representative for the construction of Erste Campus in Vienna. Before coming to PORR he was chairman of a renowned Munich architecture firm.


Gernot Wagner,
Technical Managing Director, PORR Design & Engineering

After education in the construction trade as well as building services and management, Gernot Wagner brought his comprehensive knowledge to PORR in the position of construction site manager, and later became a team and department leader.


Torsten Haubold,
Managing Director, PORR Design and Engineering Deutschland GmbH

In more than 20 years of employment as a construction site manager and planning engineer, Torsten Haubold realised several independent building construction projects before his path brought him to PORR in 2006.


Markus Strobl,
Managing Director, PORR Design and Engineering GmbH (Austria)

Markus Strobl began his career as a construction technician in building construction and has since worked as a construction site manager, project manager and team leader. As manager of building construction tender management, he introduced the BIM operation method into the calculations of PORR Design & Engineering.



Markus Auinger,
Manager, Sustainability

Markus Auinger has worked in the area of sustainability in building construction since 2006, and since 2012 he has been in charge of building certification and building physics at PORR.


Claus Gstöttner,
Manager, Technical Planning / Quality Assurance Austria

After completing his education in the field of building technology and various experiences in planning and building services, Claus Gstöttner took over the M&E planning department in 2015.


Martin Hahn,
Manager, Technical Planning / Quality Assurance Germany

After working in Planning and Engineering offices, Martin Hahn came to PORR Design & Engineering Germany in 2014. He is currently responsible for project preparation, risk management, tender preparation and quality control.


Herbert Meister,
Manager, Building Management

Herbert Meister looks back on many years of experience in the fields of construction logistics and resource planning. In 2001, he transferred from operational construction site management to construction preparation, which he has managed since that time.


Clemens Neubauer,
Manager, BIM / Construction Process Management

Clemens Neubauer is the main person responsible for the implementation of building information modelling at PORR. He also collaborates with the BIM departments of the Austrian Standards Institute and the Austrian Society for Construction Technology.


Nicole Rumpler,
Manager, General Planning

After working in international architectural practices, Nicole Rumpler gained some experience in client representation before taking over the Architecture department at PORR Design & Engineering, Austria, in 2016.


Firous Samandari,
Manager, General Planning

As an architect authorised to sign building plans, Firous Samandari possesses a considerable range of experience from design engineering through to implementation planning, and worked for many years in various architectural practices and construction companies.


Torsten Schwenke,
Manager, Engineering Germany

After more than 20 years of employment in planning, Torsten Schwenke is experienced in building construction and practiced in the planning of infrastructure projects such as bridges, tunnels and underground stations.


Stefan Schütter,
Manager, Tender Management

Stefan Schütter has a broad range of experience in M&E construction site management and calculation. After major projects abroad, in 2001 he entered the department of Building Technology at PORR and later took over management of this department at PORR Design & Engineering.


Klaus Szep,
Manager, General Planning

After studying building management and building technology, Klaus Szep acquired many years of experience as a project manager on major projects both locally and abroad, across Europe and the Middle East.


Thomas Baierl,
LEAN Management

Thomas Baierl is a certified process, project, LEAN production and Scrum manager, and brings many years of experience in the application of LEAN construction methods to the table


What makes us strong - our values

Only constructive collaboration can lead to lasting success. The team spirit demonstrated by our employees allows us to achieve our goals working together.
Thanks to many years of experience in the planning trades and continual improvements, we reliably realise also complex construction schemes - on time and to the highest standards.
We practise multi-engineering as an innovative, holistic approach which enables us to react quickly, flexibly and effectively to our clients’ requirements.
Our quest for optimal solutions, our high level of commitment and service and the pleasure we take in our clients’ projects ensure their trust and make us a strong partner.
We respect our customers’ wishes and follow the goals that we jointly set ourselves with the greatest commitment. A strong identification with every single project supports us in this.
As a visionary multi-engineering company, we are aware that we are helping to shape the future and that we bear responsibility for the team, the environment, the economy and society.
We guarantee our clients a time- and cost-effective plan. We work closely with all project partners from the very beginning on to ensure an efficient realisation: among other things, through the application of LEAN methods.
We offer the highest standards of the latest innovations in construction planning. To deliver this, we consider the application and further development of BIM to be an essential part of the planning process.