Fire Protection

Fire protection planning support from work phase 1

Fire protection is a principal and necessary part in all construction planning. The applicable state building regulations stipulate – depending on the building's future use – the type and number of escape routes required and the necessary structural and technical fire safety measures. These floor plan requirements are then incorporated into the architectural plans.

By working directly with our clients from work phase 1, we can identify key fire protection aspects for construction plans at an early stage and take these into account during planning. Our team coordinates the fire protection concept with the relevant regulatory authorities and the fire brigade during the planning process in order to simplify the approval process.

We create an individual fire protection plan based on the results of consultations with all stakeholders in the planning process. Our long-standing experience and large number of realised projects enable us to give due consideration to safety, economy and fidelity to the architectural design on every level. Our team provides support and professional advice to the client and all stakeholders in the planning process on all preventative fire protection matters during all planning stages.

Comprehensive fire protection concepts for standard and special-purpose buildings

Whatever the type and scale of the construction project, we support our clients throughout the entire construction process and take care of the fire protection approvals required to obtain construction permit. Our services include:

  • Creation of fire protection concepts for all types of standard and special-purpose buildings (e.g. high-rise buildings, event venues, shops, offices and commercial buildings, etc.) as a necessary part of planning applications
  • Creation of fire protection plans in order to visualise the necessary structural fire protection measures
  • Survey of existing structures with respect to fire protection issues
  • Support during implementation planning
  • Support during implementation
  • Support in tender contests
  • Consultancy on all aspects of preventative fire protection


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