Alexander Berlins Capital Tower

A flagship project in city planning: the ABC tower. The tallest residential building in Berlin was designed by architectural practice Ortner & Ortner Baukunst, while PORR Design & Engineering was responsible for the general planning. From 2021, the tower with its glass facade will house a shopping centre, fitness areas, apartments and offices.

MonArch Dritte Projektentwicklungsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG
Project duration
11/2015 to present
Planned completion
Period of service for PDE
Work phases 2–5
35 storeys above ground, 4 storeys below ground, height 150 m, gross floor area 42,000 m²

Landmark in the heart of Berlin: The central location of the Alexander Tower has its advantages, but also presents some challenges. For instance, the traffic situation in the Alexanderplatz intersection was a major factor in the planning of this flagship project.

The Alexander Tower: Flagship project in the nation's capital city

The ABC tower is part of the comprehensive renovation of the Alexanderplatz in Berlin. Little wonder that one of the tallest residential buildings in the city places high demands in terms of design and construction implementation.


The design by Ortner & Ortner Baukunst features a pronounced grid pattern effect. The effect of the stacked elements is highlighted by criss-crossing lines across the facade. PORR Design & Engineering employed Building Information Modelling during Work phase 2 in order to realise this artistic vision.


The close proximity to an automobile tunnel necessitated additional professional reports and simulations, and meant that the foundations constituted one of the central challenges. This residential tower is located within the radar range of German air traffic control and, owing to its height, will throw a shadow over the radar guidance area. This means that perfect coordination of the facade planning was necessary to satisfy the requirements of the radar experts, the design specifications and the economic interests of the investors. Solution approaches were developed in the course of an intensive coordination process between the structural engineering and geotechnics teams.


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