Construction preparation

Smooth construction site processes are key to successfully completing a project on time and within budget. And the key to smooth construction site processes is efficient support for all aspects of construction preparation. One of the advantages of our integrated planning approach is that planning is closely intertwined with construction preparation, facilitating a steady exchange of data and knowledge between the specialist departments. This means workflows can be optimised.


Construction preparation forms the link between the specialist planners and the construction site. It is about ensuring a smooth transition between planning and construction. What’s more, this integrated view of the project, encompassing planning, calculation and all stages through to work preparation and execution stage, creates an ideal framework for finding the perfect economic balance for every construction project.

Our general planning portfolio for your construction project include optimised construction site preparation and set-up ready for the execution stage. The services offered by our expert team include:

  • Construction site scheduling and resource planning
  • Formwork and scaffolding plans
  • Equipment deployment schedules (for large machinery such as bored pile or diaphragm wall equipment – transport plans and deployment schedules on site)
  • Site set-up
  • Site logistics: utilities and waste disposal
pde employee creates a timeline

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