High-tech office building Qubes for the City of Munich IT department

The sustainable building concept for the Munich Technology Campus (Technologie Campus München, TCM) Qubes also makes provisions for high-tech equipment and security technology requirements. While the PORR Munich branch office was completing the carcass, PORR Design & Engineering started the tenant fit-out planning using the LEAN methodology, which should enable the City of Munich IT department to move in as quickly as possible.

The Munich Technology Campus (Technologie Campus München, or TCM for short) will be welcoming new tenants in 2020 – the entire City of Munich IT department and two catering providers. The carcass was completed by the PORR Munich branch office in Nymphenburg, not far from Munich’s Olympic Stadium. It currently houses a raw interior, which is now being adapted to the tenant’s requirements by PORR Design & Engineering.

Stringent requirements demand experience and expertise

The five interconnected components, originating from the design by KSP Jürgen Engel Architekten, must now be brought to life. An IT company’s requirements are always extremely specific. The focus here will be less on comfort and creative spaces than on stringent requirements for safety technology, which must satisfy the latest standards. The requirements for fire protection and failsafe performance, and all electrical systems in general, are very high. This is where PORR Design & Engineering (PDE), with its expertise in technical building equipment, has the advantage. The PDE planning team was charged with coordinating the overall planning of all participants in the planning process, for both internal (architecture, sustainability with building certification) and external (technical building equipment, structural design, building physics, landscape and facade design) aspects, as well as with the architectural planning of the tenant fit-out in HOAI work stage 5. 

The total gross floor area (under and above ground) amounts to 36,850m². In addition to an underground parking garage, technical and ancillary rooms are naturally also planned for the two underground levels, while the ground floor will host a “production line" for IT components and systems, as well as a catering area for employees. The four upper floors are to be used as office space, including a generously sized conference area. The tenant fit-out planning is to be completed by April 2020.

As usual for PDE, the overall coordination of the tenant fit-out is being carried out according to LEAN methodologies, an approach to project management that has already proven its worth several times. The “Big Room” for the weekly LEAN meetings is set up on the construction site itself in Munich, following the gemba principle: be present at the actual scene of the event, as that is where the most up-to-date information is available and can best be shared among the people involved in the process.

Sustainable building design

The campus also complies with sustainability guidelines. Since August 2018, our Sustainability team has been working alongside the project to prepare for certification according to the LEED Gold and DGNB Gold standards. The original concept was optimised, with the result that the building’s environmental impact will be at least 30% lower than that of a conventional building of this scale. The photovoltaic system planned for the roof, which can produce a peak output of 120kWp under optimum conditions, can supply large areas with power self-sufficiently. As part of the biodiversity initiative, nectar-feeding insects will be provided with food all year round by stonecrops planted on the roof. The insects will have to share the roof with transport drones, for which a landing site is provided. Bavaria is Europe’s leading region for autonomous flight, so drones will probably not be a rare sight in the skies over Munich in the future. Furthermore, more than 100 electric filling stations for the corresponding vehicles are to be built in the underground parking garage. 

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