BIM 2.0: A new age of building construction

Another milestone for PORR’s construction projects has now been reached, thanks to the BIM 2.0 development project (BIM = Building Information Modelling): standardised BIM working methods in building construction, with a focus on planning. From planning to cost estimation; from cost estimation to work preparation... the project team has now created the perfect conditions for BIM on the construction site.

BIM provides a comprehensive model of all building data as a means of ensuring a consistent construction process. The complete project lifecycle is modelled: design, submission and execution planning, construction, and right through to facility management. The essential data are accessible from all locations 24/7, at each stage of the project.
For BIM to be adopted as a practical working method, the various project participants must collaborate closely and “speak the same language”. The BIM 2.0 project was set up to establish these conditions, i.e. to achieve close coordination and work procedure standardisation across general planning, cost estimation and work preparation. 

Standards for digital construction projects

The project faced the challenge of amalgamating the numerous existing standards currently in effect in the various planning departments in Austria and Germany. A focus group was set up to create a catalogue of services, divided into eleven main work packages covering the following departments: Architecture, Structural planning, Mechanical & electrical engineering, Electrical engineering, Construction preparation, Sustainability, Cost estimation.
The team worked to establish consistent standards, templates, processes, etc. and thereby created the ideal conditions for a comprehensive digital construction process. With this two-and-a-half-year project, PORR has taken a major step closer to its goal of bringing BIM to the construction site. 

PORR as digital pioneer

The BIM 2.0 standards are already in use in all ongoing and future general planning projects at PDE and are continually being improved with feedback from the field. This has established the basis for a consistent, high-quality construction process using BIM and our construction sites are already seeing the benefits. We are building on this basis to further develop PORR’s role as a digital pioneer.

BIM and LEAN management

The project was initially set up as a traditional project, but it soon became clear that such a complex development project needed a fresh approach to flexibility and organisation. The project was shifted to an agile working method with the help of the PDE LEAN management team. Traditional bar charts with deadlines were replaced by short-term concrete goals determined by the team as group. These were re-evaluated every two weeks, enabling potential hazards to be identified early on and suitable countermeasures put in place.
These changes to the project structure made themselves felt almost immediately. The team’s experience with LEAN as a supporting measure for project organisation showed that a combination of BIM and LEAN can create huge leverage. Both methods are designed for resource optimisation, complementing each other perfectly and helping the team work and communicate more efficiently and independently.
Our motto is: “If you want BIM, you need to be LEAN!”

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