Tender Management

Reliable construction and M&E cost calculation

Producing precise and reliable cost calculations requires operational knowledge of construction – which the PORR Group certainly possesses. As an independent subsidiary, PORR Design & Engineering has its own experts in all relevant planning departments. These factors enable us to produce precise cost estimations for construction projects, in line with market requirements.
In order to select the right approach in creating cost estimations, we consult intensively with other departments, such as construction planning, M&E planning, structural engineering and building physics. BIM-supported modelling systems allow us to determine exact quantities, which are then incorporated into detailed calculations.

Cost estimations for mechanical & electrical engineering (M&E) in particular have become increasingly important; many people underestimate the costs involved. In PORR Design & Engineering, clients find a competent industry partner. Many years of practical experience and close coordination with the M&E department enable us to provide a high degree of cost certainty in our M&E engineering calculations.

Economic feasibility and cost certainty – derived from experience and expertise

During work phases 2 and 3, we provide cost indicators based on our experience with previously calculated and implemented projects or benchmarks. In doing so, we apply value engineering: this entails identifying and applying optimisation potential and achieving maximum output at minimum cost.

Our long-standing experience, excellent market knowledge and the PORR Group’s network enable us to compare and assess tenders from subcontractors. For our clients, this means:

  • Determination of total contract value 
  • Calculations in line with market requirements
  • Exact cost estimates as per Work phase 3
  • Using BIM to determine quantities
  • Industry knowledge, expertise and consultancy


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