Sustainable planning at PORR Design & Engineering

Due to its economic significance and high resource consumption, the construction sector bears central responsibility in terms of sustainability. As a leading European construction group, we therefore consider it our duty to play an active role in shaping sustainability management.

Our objective is to structure the planning, construction and operation of buildings in such a way that their economic, ecological and socio-cultural sustainability is maintained throughout their entire life cycle. To this end, we optimise the sustainability performance of buildings.

For PORR, sustainable construction is founded on several basic principles:

  • Maximum possible climate neutrality
  • Maximum possible resource efficiency
  • Renewable and fluctuating energies
  • Biodiversity and urban heat island
  • Consideration of demographic developments
  • Responsible sourcing

On the basis of our longstanding experience in the active development of building certification systems (e.g. certification according to DGNB, ÖGNI, SGNI, LEED and BREEAM), we identify trends in resource-efficient planning and building construction and derive action fields based on our specialist competencies. We incorporate global sustainability concepts in our planning, such as Agenda 2030 and the Green Building Initiative.

Sustainable buildings: our shared responsibility

At PORR Design & Engineering, we focus on the sustainability of construction projects from the very beginning of the planning process. We optimise construction measures according to the principles of ecological building, review concepts and offer alternative approaches. In addition, we perform the relevant building physics calculations and process submissions to the required certifying bodies. Carbon management and life cycle assessment are also a part of every sustainable construction process.

The sustainability department combines the following services:

  • Pre-assessments
  • Audit performance and optimisation
  • Creation and review of concepts, studies and alternatives
  • Support during planning and construction (sustainability management)
  • Building physics calculations and simulations
  • Certifications and submissions to relevant certifying bodies
  • Analysis and optimisation of life-cycle costs
  • Climate adaptation strategies
  • Carbon management
  • Energy efficiency enhancement and use of renewable energies
  • Ecological construction management
  • Life cycle assessment of buildings and products
  • Sustainable construction processes
  • Enhanced commissioning
  • Support and optimisation for Design for Climate Change strategies
  • Support and optimisation for Enhanced Resilience strategies
  • Support and optimisation for Responsible Sourcing strategies
  • Enhanced energy efficiency and reporting within the framework of the Austrian Energy Efficiency Act and the German Energy Services Act
  • CSR management according to GRI, DNK, GRASP and UN Global Compact


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