M&E Construction Supervision

Construction process management for mechanical & electrical engineering

Mechanical & electrical engineering (M&E) plays a key role in the realisation of construction projects – both in terms of costs and staffing and infrastructural requirements. Monitoring its implementation is therefore of increasing importance.

The M&E construction supervision team oversees all the planning services pertaining to supply engineering, monitors their structural integration and ensures compliance with guidelines and deadlines while maintaining a consistent quality standard.

M&E construction supervision staff therefore provides support to the construction management team and coordinates the structural implementation of the technical building facilities. Our long-standing experience of construction sites and close cooperation with all PORR Design & Engineering teams enables us to minimise errors in cost estimation, planning and contracting. For us, as integral general planners, the uninterrupted flow of knowledge between our departments is a fundamental requirement that serves to underpin our quality standards.

M&E quality assurance and cost control

We ensure smooth implementation of all technical building facilities, bear contracts in mind and support clients in the event of any additional charges. The operational knowledge provided by the M&E specialists is incorporated into the planning process from the outset by PORR Design & Engineering. In order to facilitate the award of service contracts to subcontractors while taking all intersections between individual trades (contracting units) into account, we coordinate all tenders and tender negotiations with the M&E subcontractors (Cost Group 400). We tender contracts for services, obtain quotes and support the construction management team in coordinating every step of the process, from awarding the tender to preparing the final contract (on the basis of the Austrian legislative guidelines set out in ÖNORM B2110, the Austrian Construction Tendering and Contract Regulations, and the Austrian Civil Code) Our specialists’ industry expertise enables us to achieve contracting results in line with market requirements.

Our M&E construction supervision services include.:

  • Specialist construction management
  • Cost and schedule tracking
  • Quality assurance and construction site supervision
  • Purchasing (tender process up to contract preparation, incl. negotiations with subcontractors)
  • Coordination of subcontractor services
  • Claim management


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