Construction Supervision

Objective control with professional internal view

In order to keep track of all construction works, resources and dependencies, competent construction supervision is absolutely essential - particularly in the case of major construction projects. We keep the focus on project objectives, supervise the project implementation and assess conformity with permits, contracts, planning documents, regulations and the commonly accepted rules of engineering.

The integral planning approach of PORR Design & Engineering has the significant advantage that site supervision is performed as an interactive effort by all appropriate specialist departments, and their expertise and operational know-how is pooled together. Sources of error can be minimised and costs saved, especially in the cost-intensive sector of mechanical and electrical engineering (M&E).

Quality assurance and deadline checking by construction supervision

Construction supervision in PORR Design & Engineering controls the scheduled development of all requirements during the construction phase. Along with quality control, construction site supervision is responsible for scheduling and ensuring that deadlines and specifications are met.

Services included under the role of construction supervision:

  • Forward projection of time schedules
  • Cost monitoring
  • Defect tracking 
  • Claim management
  • Approvals
  • Documentation
  • Auditing of accounts


Markus Strobl

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