Construction Planning

Works preparation before ground breaking

Optimised construction site workflows play a key role in reducing costs. We provide site managers with support on all matters relating to works preparation. These include planning and estimating the costs for auxiliary construction measures, as well as optimising resources (machinery, materials and staff) with account for safety considerations, cost factors and technical and legal viability. By applying predefined and verified standards, a balanced ratio can be created between the factors of time, costs and quality.

An optimised sequence of implementation stages – from the foundations and shell structure to the final fitout – is planned during a preliminary analytical stage of the works preparations. During this stage, we pay close attention to interdependencies, potential delays and external factors such as location-specific restrictions. We then support the construction management team in every aspect of preparing the construction site.

Specifically, our construction preparation services include:

  • Construction scheduling and resource planning
  • Formwork and scaffolding planning
  • Plant use planning (deployment of construction plant such as drilling rigs or diaphragm wall machines, transport to the construction site and subsequent use)
  • Site facilities
  • Construction logistics for construction site deliveries and waste disposal
  • Selection of construction methods
  • Structural analysis of auxiliary construction measures and supporting structures
  • Auxiliary construction measures (e.g. temporary bridges and supporting structures)

Pooled knowledge provides economy: construction and general planning work integrated on principle

One of the advantages of PORR Design & Engineering's integral approach to planning is the close interconnection between general planning and works preparation. For example, the individual departments constantly pool their knowledge and workflows are continuously optimised. This holistic approach, from planning to calculation and onto the actual construction planning and implementation stage, enables us to optimise cost economy for every construction project.


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