All architectural tasks in safe hands

Our architectural department primarily focuses on general planning. Our teams are particularly experienced in planning the implementation of building construction projects. However, we also provide advice and support during the preceding planning steps, such as initial design, draft design and approval planning – either individually or across the entire process.

Our core competency lies in our project optimisation skills: the interdisciplinary planning teams collaborate with the execution teams on the construction site. This direct form of daily cooperation with planners in other work groups and with the construction sites facilitates a holistic approach to the project. This is reinforced and intensified by the use of 5D methods (3D planning plus the dimensions of time and costs).

The architectural tasks play a key role in this method: all information relevant to the planning process is pooled here and incorporated in the overall concept for “the building”. While concentrating on retaining the design concept, the responsible architect coordinates all planning professionals in the project, who collectively identify and assess potential areas of optimisation. 

Sophisticated architecture for building construction projects

We have a wealth of long-standing experience in the architectural department, in particular with building construction projects such as office and administrative buildings, residential buildings, commercial buildings and industrial construction. High-rise buildings, hotels and special-purpose buildings (schools, halls of residence, hospitals and stadiums) also fall within our field of expertise. Our architects' sense of quality combined with a well-founded cost awareness and extensive experience and expertise in interdisciplinary teamwork produce outstanding planning results.

We are developers, designers and solution finders. We step in at every stage of the project, and provide clients and project partners with the following architectural services from one single provider:

  • Planning and feasibility studies (consultancy, value engineering)
  • Draft design and approval planning (including coordination with the relevant authorities) 
  • Execution planning
  • 5D planning and Building Information Modelling